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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA



UnMake is an MIT Spinoff, on which our team, comprising of members from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal (SPA) has been working since the second half of 2019.


Create an eco-system for sustainable artwork production, thus bringing in artists from over the globe to contribute their part to tackle climate change.


Contextual inquiry and user testing, Wireframing, Rapid prototyping, RITE testing, Usability testing


Product Architecture, Business Strategy, Competitors Analysis, Minimum Viable Product


We took UnMake to various start-up accelerators like MIT Sandbox and have received seed funding. We are currently building UnMake further.


Who we are and what do we plan to do?

We provide digital artists, photographers, painters, and all kinds of visual artists a platform to share their work, we print their work using ink made out of recycled pollution, frame it, or roll it with recycled bamboo and print it on recycled paper. This artwork is bought by art lovers, sustainability-conscious people globally.

We are adding a layer of sustainability to art.  


Figure 1: The Ecosystem of Sustainable Artwork

Communities we are serving

The poorest communities around the world are the ones most severely impacted by climate change.

Some of the most polluted cities in the world are located in poor countries. While our direct users are artists and art lovers, Unmake envisions to indirectly serve those millions of people who are living in vulnerable conditions around the world. Our process of adding a layer of sustainability to art will, directly and indirectly, benefit the poorest communities in cities like New Delhi.

Need Statement

There is a need to connect artists to a community of environmentally conscious buyers.


Figure 2: UnMake - Providing for production of sustainable art products and a marketplace to buy/sell them

Contextual Inquiry

Domain Research

There is a growing sense of sustainability across the globe. According to this global survey, 2/3rd of all respondents said it is extremely important that companies move towards environmental sustainability.  


Figure 3. How crucial do people find companies to implement programs to improve environment.

Global Market trends

Global Trends indicate that online art sales and sales of sustainable products are going to grow very rapidly. In 2019 the US online art market was valued at $4.6Billion, however, in 2024 it’s projected to be $9 Billion. 


Figure 4. Market Trends for demand of Environmentally Sustainable Products

Value Proposition


Figure 5.  UnMake's Value Proposition 

Business Strategy

Revenue Model

We have two models for revenue generation – a regular model for emerging artists, they will get 60% of the profit from each piece. Premium model for the established artists – they will get 80%. From the premium model, We will make 20% of the profit + traction and followers. 


Figure 6. Proposed Revenue Models for UnMake

Minimum Viable Product

This is an interface of our product from customers' point of view. They have the option to choose from different forms of visual art. Photography, digital art, and more.  Once inside a category, you can choose the size, frame, and print material. Our product also tells you the amount of carbon you are saving on the basis of your selected configuration.

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