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A range of architecture, urban design, and interior architecture works undertaken during the course of both, academic and professional career.


The projects displayed below are part of both, my academic and professional work.

I may or may not hold the right to put all their details in the public domain.

If you'd like more information on any of the projects, please drop me an email at

Brouiller Paris Riverside Restaurant, Paris, France

Task: To create an architectural icon along the river Seine that can become a popular destination for the residents and everyone else who visits the city. 

Group 331.png

Genesis Mixed-use Skyscraper, New York, NY

Task: To design a vertical city for the city of New York, where urban life is condensed and integrated into the public space.

Group 336.png

The Two-minutes Stop Interaction Pavilion, Oslo, Norway

Task: To design a room for conversation, the size of which shall not be smaller than an elevator and bigger than a football field.

Group 340.png
The Two-Minutes Stop

The Taj Mahal Palace Adaptive reuse project, Bhopal, India

Task: To design and develop the prime properties of Bhopal - The Taj Mahal Palace as a heritage hotel, that could cater to both tourism and business clientele.

Group 344.png

Urban Grasslands Urban Design, Bhopal, India

Task: To imagine urban futures and visualize cities through architecture. To revisit the role of architecture as a polemical medium.

Group 350.png
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