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Winner - Philips Service Design Challenge 2023

Resiliency Program

Client Resiliency Program, Edison, NJ
Team Aman Sinha, Manas Agrawal
Role Product Design Lead @ Handyland (Design Consulting)
Responsibilities Information Architecture, User Interface Design, Systems Design, Data Visualization
Year and Duration 2022, 8 Weeks
Industry Health & Fitness
Available on the App Store 

How might we design an innovative and comprehensive desktop and mobile platform that equips large organizations with the necessary tools and insights to measure, track, and mitigate burnout among their workforce?


In response to the World Health Organization's recognition of Burnout as an occupational phenomenon, the Resiliency Program was born. As the product design lead, I recognized the significance of creating a comprehensive solution that encompasses all aspects of resilience. Our mission was to empower individuals and organizations with the tools they need to reduce burnout, enhance emotional well-being, and foster resilience in the face of challenges.


It is a transformative mobile and web platform, meticulously developed to combat burnout and foster well-being on a 360-degree scale. With a robust array of features, the program offers access to detailed insights and analytics, allowing individuals and organizations to track progress and measure program effectiveness. It encompasses a comprehensive psychometric evaluation, enabling individuals and organizations to measure and evaluate their unique resiliency levels.


The design for the Resiliency Program was rooted in empathy and evidence-based design principles. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our mobile and web platform was crafted to deliver a seamless user experience, ensuring accessibility for all. Collaborating closely with nutritionists and wellness coaches, we curated personalized recommendations and solutions, tailored to address individual burnout symptoms. 

Making data-driven business decisions for a sustainable, resilient workforce.

We helped RP design it.

Design an innovative and comprehensive desktop and mobile platform that equips large organizations with the necessary tools and insights to measure, track, and mitigate burnout among their workforce. The platform should deliver a user-centered experience that seamlessly integrates into the organizational workflow, offering intuitive navigation, data visualization, and actionable recommendations.

The Challenge

Time Constraints

Six weeks to design and deliver entire product design for all platforms.

Business Constraints

Rigid Product Requirements -
The platform design must adhere to specific technical and functional requirements as defined by the client.

The Constraints

Large Scope - 
The platform's comprehensive nature demanded prioritization and efficient allocation of resources to cover all essential aspects.

The not-so-ideal 

The project constraints led us to skip the first diamond involving user research, but jump directly to 'ideation' and 'implementation' to deliver the final product design.

Background: The Burnout Pandemic
Why Resiliency Program (RP)?

In 2019, the World Health Organization declared Burnout an occupational phenomenon. Workplace burnout syndrome refers to a person’s inability to deal with any additional physical or emotional stress without triggering physical or emotional symptoms.

Burnout is directly linked with













The 360° Approach to Reduce Burnout
What does RP do?

Resiliency Program is a 360-degree comprehensive solution to reduce Burnout Syndrome and promote a culture of well-being and adaptive thinking.

Access to Detailed Insights and Analytics

Access to detailed insights and analytics

Detailed analytics and insights to track progress and measure the effectiveness of the Resiliency Program at both individual and organization level.

Measure & Evaluate individual & Organization Resiliency

Comprehensive psychometric evaluation of individuals' and organization resiliency levels based on some unique attributes and factors.

Measure & Evaluate individual & Organization Resiliency

Access to customized Resiliency Plans for individual

Customized Resiliency Plans with recommendations on lifestyle changes, mindfulness training, food and diet, and specific solutions based on individual burnout symptoms.

Access to customized Resiliency Plans for individual

8 Weeks
5 Design Sprints
300+ Hours of Design Ideation and Implementation

Is what it took to get RP to its current form

Sprint One
Design System and Onboarding Journey


Sprint Two
Designing Resiliency Assessments

The Individual and Organization Resiliency Assessments helps identify areas of improvement for both individuals and organizations through its interactive dashboards and in-depth analytics.

Sprint Three
Designing Resiliency Plan

Individuals can access their Personalized Resiliency Plan based on their burnout level which includes - Symptom-based Recommendations, Daily Wellness Reminders, Lifestyle Changes, Nutritional Supplements, Mindfulness Training, Healthy Food & Diet Plans, Yoga for Work and Home, Breathing Techniques, Stretches for Home and Work, Left Brain Exercises to Calm You Quickly.


Transforming Business Outcomes Through
Innovative Design Solutions

Boosting Resilience and Reducing Costs: The ROI of Employee Engagement

Resiliency program offers a win-win solution by re-engaging employees, leading to increased productivity and tangible cost reductions. With decreased sick days, employee turnover, on-the-job injuries, and negative attitudes, your organization will experience measurable improvements.


Data-Driven Solutions: Cultivating a Productive Organization Culture and Combating Burnout

The Resiliency Program identifies key areas that require precise cultural changes to effectively reduce or eliminate workplace burnout syndrome. By leveraging advanced analytics, we offer valuable insights that empower business leaders to make well-informed decisions regarding their workforce and overall business strategy. This enables organizations to adapt swiftly and meet challenges head-on, fostering a more productive and resilient company culture.

Assessment Header.png

Measuring Success: Detailed Analytics and Insights

The Resiliency Program offers detailed analytics and insights to track progress and measure the effectiveness of the program, both at the individual and organizational levels.


Impact and current state

With a remarkable 4.9 rating on Google Play Store and a perfect 5-star rating on the App Store, its impact is resounding. Users have embraced the app as a transformative tool, empowering them to measure, track, and enhance their resilience within their work environments.


Impact &
Current Stage

Cross-Team Collaboration Amplifies Success
Leading the Resiliency Program design project underscored the critical importance of fostering open communication and collaboration between designers and developers. Bridging the gap between these teams facilitated a cohesive understanding of design intentions, technical constraints, and implementation feasibility.

Quality Assurance and Usability Testing 
This project reinforced the fundamental role of quality assurance (QA) and usability testing in delivering a superior user experience. 

Key Learnings & Take-aways

Prioritize User-Centric Foundation
In future projects like the Resiliency Program, allocating time for thorough user research and usability testing before embarking on wire-framing and design phases would enhance the final product. 

Inclusive Feedback Loop
Establishing a consistent feedback loop with both the client and end-users during the design process would foster collaborative decision-making and allow us to align the design more closely with the organization's goals and user preferences, ultimately enhancing the platform's overall effectiveness.

What could be done differently?

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