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Winner - Philips Service Design Challenge 2023


Winning Project Philips Service Design Challenge 2023
Project Type Service Design
Team Aman Sinha, Daisy Dai, Dina Kaganer, Saisri Akondi
Role Product Strategist and Designer
Responsibilities User Research, Product Strategy and Architecture, Product Design
Recognized by Philips, IBM, IKEA, Service Design College, Ellen McArthur Foundation
Duration Spring 2023, 5 Months

How might we provide early support for caregivers of terminally ill patients so as to build opportunities for enjoying more moments together and ease their bereavement process?


There is a critical need for comprehensive support for 6.1 Million (US, Annual) caregivers of terminally ill family members, particularly those dealing with cancer. The emotional, mental, and logistical challenges faced by caregivers during this difficult time often go unaddressed, and Solace aims to fill this gap by providing holistic care and assistance.


Solace is an award-winning service design project developed as part of the Philips Service Design Challenge 2023. With a focus on transforming the lives of caregivers of terminally ill family members, Solace aims to provide comprehensive care and support during challenging life transitions, particularly for those affected by cancer.


Solace is intended for individuals who shoulder the responsibility of caregiving and require support in navigating the complex challenges that arise during end-of-life care. Solace acknowledges the crucial role played by caregivers and strives to empower them with the necessary wellness resources and care they deserve.

5 months.
102 International Teams.
20 Finalists.
1 Winning Proposal.

The Philips Service Design Challenge 

Philips Student Service Design Challenge 2023


Solace won the Philips Service Design Challenge 2023. Driven by our mission to make a significant impact on the lives of 6.1 million cancer caregivers in the US. Our goal is to optimize the 38 weekly hours that caregivers dedicate to their patients, providing them with invaluable support and resources.

Current Stage

As part of the esteemed Philips Design Incubator program, we are currently collaborating closely with distinguished design leaders at Philips, IBM, and IKEA to elevate Solace to new heights. This invaluable opportunity allows us to refine and expand our product, ensuring it meets the highest standards of design and usability.

Div(erg)ing in
Primary and Secondary Research





The Challenge asked us to

Design a service that enhances resilience and well-being. That supports us, connects us, and builds sustainable happiness for all.

To better understand 'happiness', we began uncovering Grief

We can ease 

On average, 7,000 people die every day from various illnesses (source), which means that every day, at least 7,000 families are left to mourn the loss of their loved ones.

The end-of-life stage is emotionally and mentally devastating for family members while forming short-term and long-term implications on their health. 


Deep and poignant distress caused by or as if by bereavement.